Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

What I’m experiencing on this road trip is beyond incredible. I don’t know if it’s angels or spirits, God or brahmins, or some unseen universal energy. But something powerful is surging through me. My whole being is electrified, and I feel enveloped in a ocean of guidance and protection.

I need only think of what I require, and it seemingly appears. As if by magic, people walk into my life at just the right moment, offering the exact advice I need to continue my journey. I don’t even have to ask.

Following the counsel of a kind Vietnam vet, I will be camping in the Redwood Forest for the next week. Cell service does not exist there, but I will call as soon as I emerge.

The trees there are some of the tallest and oldest in the world! I look forward to communing with them in silent meditation. 

Also, I just received an invitation to a wedding in Kolhapur, India! So my road trip may turn international next month. We will see.

Oh! And last night, alone on Highway One, I met a wild mountain lion and stroked its back!

            Stories to come.

                              Love you,



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